Happy Labor Day! And a Sale!

I don’t go to the mall much anymore. Mostly I go to meet a friend for lunch and then take a walk in blessed air-conditioned comfort. (Hey, when it’s 100 degrees outside, that means something!)

So, when I was at Tucson Mall the other day, I was surprised to see the Halloween decorations up already. I shouldn’t have been. Labor Day weekend is not only the last hurrah of summer, but the unofficial beginning of the dreaded Holiday Season when retailers exhort you ever more forcefully to part with the cash your labors have earned.

Some people really love shopping, and are good at it. I’m not one of them. So inBBT500x800 case you’re like me, and would rather curl up with a good book this weekend, I’ve put BETRAYED BY TRUST on sale for only 99 cents though Sunday. It’s a fast-paced thriller with paranormal elements, a love story, and you don’t even have to brave the mall to get it!

If you do decide to pick up a copy of BETRAYED BY TRUST (or any of my other books), I encourage you to leave a review. Your honest opinions help other readers find books they’ll like.

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Happy reading!

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Heroes: Too Stupid To Live

My husband and I watched Sunday’s episode of “The Last Ship” last night. The evil, bad, nasty Russian Admiral (we can thank Putin for restoring this trusty stereotype) had the best line.


I was gleeful when he said to Commander Chandler: “Your hubris has led to your tragic downfall.” (Sadly, he didn’t take that observation to heart.)

Commander Chandler (or should I say, Captain Kirk?) is one of the worst recent captainkirkexamples I’ve seen of a TSTL hero. This was the third time Chandler left the ship to do a job that his subordinates were better trained to do. But the third time wasn’t the charm in this case. He’s still alive.

Next Sunday, Chandler will no doubt take his XO to task for disobeying a direct order. At that moment, I truly hope that Adam Baldwin’s character says something like, “You weren’t on the bridge. I was. I made a command decision. If you want to make command decisions, STAY ON THE BRIDGE! In fact, if you ever try to leave the ship again before this mission is complete, I WILL SHOOT YOU MYSELF.

Okay, now that I have that off my chest, here’s the point. Your protagonists can make mistakes, but they have to learn from them. Those mistakes can arise out of character flaws, or misunderstandings, or misinformation. Those mistakes cannot be something anyone with the character’s training and background would logically avoid. If circumstances force your character into a bad choice, it’s even better. That kind of situation really makes the reader squirm. (And you want your readers to squirm.) Just be sure your protagonist doesn’t have a better choice available that doesn’t contravene his or her values.

Chandler’s rescue of the scientist’s wife and daughter was consistent with his love for his own family and the values of a decent man. (This was good.) The fact that he was there in the first place was further evidence of his cowboy nature, and I have to wonder if he would have risen to the rank of Commander, or been given this sensitive command, with that kind of behavior in his record.

I recently saw a quote, but I can’t remember who wrote it. “Build people, not characters.” To that I’d add,  build consistent, intelligent people, and be true to their natures, and they will help you write consistent, intelligent  stories.

* * * * *

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Why I Don’t Care About Amazon vs. Hachette

Russel Blake has given voice to something I’ve been thinking for some time now. Frankly, I’m too busy writing (and getting ready for family to visit) to read another word on this subject. When a decision is reached that actually affects how I do business, let me know.

Why I Don’t Care About Amazon vs. Hachette.


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Vinlanders’ Saga Fans Rejoice!

DEBTS, Book 3 in the Vinlanders’ Saga, is finally here!

Okay, that may be overstating your excitement a bit, but for those of you who have been waiting Debts600x900impatiently for another installment about the Talented people of Nuvinland, your wait is over. And if you haven’t read the first two books, DEBTS is a self-contained story. A few old friends from DANGEROUS TALENTS and FORBIDDEN TALENTS make an appearance, but you don’t have to have read the first two books to enjoy this one. (You should read them anyway, though, because they are pretty darn good. Just ask me! ;-) )

What is DEBTS about? Here’s the description:


Son of an Oathbreaker, Aren is desperate to restore his family’s honor, and leaps at the chance Lord Fender offers. His task seems simple enough for a Tracker: bring in a young woman accused of a vile crime. Simple, until his duty to the Jarl conflicts with a debt he owes to the Elves.

Fey-marked and friendless, Annikke flees the wrath of a vengeful lord. When Aren intercepts her, Annikke must choose: trust a stranger with warm brown eyes who promises justice, or protect her daughter—and remain a fugitive forever.

Even better, I’ve made DEBTS free for the first few days before it goes on sale for it regular price. In return, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave an honest review on Amazon. Customer reviews help other readers find books they’ll enjoy.

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Writer’s Digest Dumps Author Solutions 

David Gaughran has been doing his best to shine a light on the questionable business practices of Author Solutions for some time now. You can link to some good news on that front below.

I did a lot of research before I began self-publishing back in 2011. Even so, it was only because I knew people who were taking control and doing the work a la cart that I avoided the clutches of Author Solutions subsidiaries. Caveat emptor, folks

Writer’s Digest Dumps Author Solutions .

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FREE through Friday: BETRAYED BY TRUST, a Celestial Affairs novel.BBT500x800


January, 1979. The Vietnam war is over, the oil embargo and long gas lines a bad memory, and Three Mile Island is just a power plant that few have ever heard of.

Marianne Benton works for the Trust, a secretive organization guarding against abuses of paranormal power. Her next assignment: rescue an Elemental Spirit from slavery–by seducing the heir to an occult dynasty.

As a former Green Beret, Dan Collier knows how to follow orders. His assignment: help Marianne sleep with another man. After that: keep her alive.

Falling in love is optional.


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Tucson Festival of Books is This Weekend!

If you love books (and I know you do) and live anywhere near Tucson, Arizona, you should come to the University of Arizona campus this weekend (March 15-16) to enjoy one of the biggest and most diverse book festivals in the U.S. The sixth annual Tucson Festival of Books promises to be the best ever. Authors of every genre will be speaking, and there will be music, children’s activities, and food.

I’ve been involved in one way or another since before the beginning until now, when over 100,000 people are expected to attend. And the best part of it all? Attendance is free. But don’t forget your wallet, because there will be books for sale, and a portion of those sales go to support literacy programs.

I have the privilege of speaking on a panel on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 with Gini Koch, author of the Alien series and the Necropolis Enforcement Files series. Our topic will be “Werewolves, Witches, and Aliens: Putting the Magic in Romance.”

I hope I’ll see you there!


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