Mess Hysteria

Everyone should have a goal in life.  One of mine is to keep my desk tidy. Everywhere else in my house is fairly orderly.  Not my desk.  I have stacks of papers that I need to get around to filing or throwing out.  Conference programs, pictures for inspiration, research notes, birthday cards.  Every now and then I go into a flurry of activity and file and sort the stuff in the middle.  Some of it makes its way into my file cabinet, some the trash, some into the growing piles on either side of my work space.  The mess is never completely vanquished, and always it returns.

My best friend used to have a sign that said, “A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind.”  I could never get behind that sentiment, despite the chaotic state of my own.

The feng shui and decluttering folks would probably say the condition of my desk is a reflection of my life.  I don’t think I can refute that.  Most of my life is in good shape, but both my desk and my career have been a little unfocused of late.  I do know that I feel calmer in an uncluttered space, if for no other reason than that I’m not looking up from my work to think, “I really should clean this place.”


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2 responses to “Mess Hysteria

  1. Benita

    As we say around here…”Entropy is at work” as in “Entropy has been at work in the Pantry.”
    It takes this CONSTANT influx of new energy to keep things organized. Putting down the mail vs. putting each and every piece of mail in the RIGHT SPOT and then also expending the energy to deal with those right spots on a regular and systematic basis.
    As the FlyLady says, organized clutter is still clutter. Unless you regularly declutter and PURGE that STUFF it will just get harder and harder to organize.
    Well, we are getting ready to tear out the old kitchen cabinets, and boy-oh-boy am I coming face to face with my previous choices!

    • We had to empty some of the lower cabinets when we had the countertops replaced. I found out I had more stuff than I thought. Unlike me, you really cook, so I’m sure you have more stuff in your kitchen than I do. Good luck! Keep thinking of how wonderful those new cabinets will be!

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