The rains are coming!

Those who live in the desert southwest know how exciting this is.  We’ve been in a drought for years now.  Our summer rains fizzled last year and we ended 2009 about 4 inches short of our annual rainfall of 11 inches.  But now the El Nino weather pattern will be bringing us much needed moisture.  It could be wild:  they’re predicting 65 mph winds and up to 4 inches of rain in one night.  That may not sound like much to my eastern cousins, but to us desert dwellers that’s a lot!

Washes that are dry 99 percent of the time will fill with water and rush across roads.  Barricades proclaiming “Do not enter when flooded” will spring up like weeds.  Some motorists will ignore them, and be swept away.  Some will drown.  This usually happens during our summer “monsoon” season, but the ’83 and ’93 floods came in the fall and winter.

As destructive as the sudden reversal of our dry spell may be, we still welcome it.  Water from the sky!  It’s a miracle!

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