Another Poem

A while back a friend sent me a poem to read:  “Broken Spell” by Brenda Black White.

About the ending of a love affair, it’s both dreamy and sharp in tone at the same time.

“When the spell was broken,/It broke with a snap.”


“It was quick . . ./And it was final . . .”

But also,

“I awoke as from a nap/To find the dream /I had been dreaming /Was an illusion, after all.”

The last line reverberates for me, as I’m currently reading Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Work Week, which he begins by suggesting we need to shake free of old patterns of thinking.

I can’t help but wonder if Brenda’s name is a chosen one, descriptive of her view of life, or if a given one, if it shaped her perspective.

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