We’re having a nice wet spring (even if it isn’t actually spring yet). That means we’ve been having lovely 75 degree days during the week and cold (55 – 60 degrees) rainy weekends for the last month. We never did get that heavy storm the weathermen predicted a while back.  There was no flooding, just a nice steady rain that went on for about a day.  It was just what we needed.   The ski resorts in the mountains are happy, the desert is greening up, and so is my yard.  With weeds.

It’s so wonderful to see green in the desert that I almost hate to pull them.  Sometimes they have pretty flowers.  But the pesky things don’t stay small and cute.  So I guess I’ll have to labor under the sun this weekend (if it’s not raining again) and send the interlopers packing.

Yes, I know it sounds like I’m rubbing it in to pretty much anyone in the country who doesn’t live here.  Just wait. You’ll get your turn to gloat when we’re baking to a delicate crunch this summer at 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


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3 responses to “Weeds

  1. Benita

    Your post made me ponder…what parallels in life do weeds have?
    What else unasked for and unintended starts out OK, maybe even pretty, but then if we let it grow unchecked turns into something definitely unwanted?

    At work, my previous office mate did various things (non-job related, like bringing in candy) for the benefit of the rest of the staff. And when she retired a month ago, I got a lot of pressure from the staff for ME to fill these roles. But they were things I just didn’t want to do long term, even though I knew they would endear me to the staff in the short run. She has been gone a month, and only one person is still asking me to do those “extras.”

    Now I’m the one with the seniority in the shared office, and am doing a little weed-pulling with habits of my new office mate. Rock & roll? Earphones please…

    • I agree. So many innocent actions seem harmless at first, then become obligations. It’s easier not to start than to renegotiate (sometimes endlessly) once expectations have been set. But I wonder sometimes if I’m not robbing myself of experiences by avoiding/preventing messy extrications?

  2. Yes, the weeds in my front yard grew from tiny sprouts to 18″ tall in just a few days. They’ve been trimmed down to more reasonable heights, but still need uprooting. *sigh*

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