Burning Kisses

Burning Kisses, by Jill Knowles, is a M/M/F erotic romance.  Jill is a friend and critique partner.  I’d seen different versions of the opening of this novel, but not the whole before I read it recently.  I’ve always admired Jill’s creativity and Burning Kisses doesn’t disappoint.  Her protagonists are a sheriff’s deputy, an arson investigator in the witness protection program, and a fire elemental.

Jill ties up a loose end from a previous book, Kissing Chaos at the beginning of the book, somewhat misdirecting the reader about the nature of the challenges the protagonists will be facing.  I don’t think that’s entirely bad, since it also serves to demonstrate the abilities of the fire elemental, something that will be important later.

This could easily have been a longer story.  I would have liked to see the emotions of the characters delved more deeply.  But the characters are consistently drawn and sympathetic, and the sex scenes were hot while not being too over the top for a vanilla girl like me.

If you enjoy erotic romance with a paranormal twist, you should put this one on your “to-be-read” list.

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