City of the Dead

I just finished reading Sherrill Quinn’s novella “City of the Dead” in the paranormal romance anthology Belong to the Night. The title refers to the St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, the atmospheric setting for the denouement of the story.

There’s a lot to like in this erotic novella.  The hero, Jake Boudreau, has a Cajun accent that adds charm to his macho character.  Dori, the heroine, is not quite as convincing, but their love scenes are both hot and tender.  Sabin, the vampire witch is an intriguing creation and Quinn left me wanting to know more about him.  I hope she’ll soon give us the chance to read his story.

Not so very long ago cross genre was not selling.  Blending fantasy with romance was not popular with publishers even though it had a long historical background.  Fortunately that’s no longer the case.  I’m glad  paranormal romance is now one of the hottest sub-genres out there, making it possible to enjoy anthologies like Belong to the Night.

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