Poetry Monday

I read an excerpt of “Against Hesitation” by Charles Rafferty in the February issue of  O Magazine which resonated with me.  Under the heading of “Live Your Best Life,” were the lines, “If you stare at it long enough / the mountain becomes unclimable….  Fingers pause above piano keys for the chord / that will not form.  Slam them down / I say.  Make music of what you can.”

As both Barry Schwartz said in The Paradox of Choice (see my review Dec. 30, 2009) and Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Work Week (see my review on March 17), we can analyze ourselves into inaction.  It’s called analysis paralysis.   but eventually one ought to leap. Otherwise our lives will be lived in a perpetual holding pattern.

Due diligence has its place.  Sometimes the delay of reviewing the options gives my sub-conscious time to catch up and tell me something is a bad choice.

I’ve made decisions both ways, by careful deliberation and by leaping in.  Both methods have led to success and to less than optimal outcomes.

But either way, do choose.  Deliberate or not, you’re still making a choice.  And choosing is more satisfying.

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