Wednesday Review: In the Dark

“In the Dark” by Cynthia Eden is the middle story in the anthology Belong to the Night. I’ve already reviewed the other two stories, “The Wolf, the Witch, and her Lack of Wardrobe” by Shelly Laurenston, and “City of the Dead” by Sherrill Quinn.

“In the Dark” has a noir feel to it.  It’s your basic cops looking for a serial killer story with vampires and shapeshifters.  The prose has a stacato pacing which is effective but not to my taste.  The relationship between the hero and heroine is believable, and I liked the descriptions of the heroine’s senses as a were-leopard.  However, while the ending fulfills the relationship dilemma posed in opening, I was a little disappointed in it.  It fit the formula a little too closely, IMHO.

Overall, I recommend Belong to the Night if you like hot, paranormal romance.

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