Writers Conferences

I’m posting early because tomorrow I’m off to the Desert Dreams Conference.  Hosted by the Desert Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America, this is an all volunteer organized effort that is the equal of any professionally produced conference.

I first attended Desert Dreams many years ago at the invitation of Jennifer Roberson, who was a guest of the conference.  At the time I wasn’t even reading romance, let alone writing it.  But Jennifer, who is multiply published in fantasy, historical fiction, and romance, encouraged me.  She critiqued one of my early efforts writing fantasy and suggested I try writing category romance.  So I went out to the used bookstore and bought a dozen samples.  I liked about half.  That was enough to keep me reading, and later writing, romance.

As for my first Desert Dreams, I was blown away by the high quality of the presentations.  Unfortunately, it took me a long time to return to my next one.

The value of attending writing conferences like this one can not be overstated, especially for beginning writers.  If you want to write novels, this is the place to learn basic and advanced technique.  It’s the place to meet agents, editors, and other writers.  And it’s also a place to have fun.

See you Monday!

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  1. Have fun and learn lots! 🙂

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