Desert Dreams

I’m skipping the poetry today to recap my experience at the Desert Dreams Conference.  The short version:  It was great!

I went to several very informative panels, about topics as varied as writing erotica to the legal and money issues of being self-employed.  All of the presenters were excellent.  I was lucky to hear Jodi Thomas talk about writing historicals and Jennifer Ashley discuss the progression of a writer’s career.

The panels weren’t the only good thing either.  I had the good fortune to have great conversations with several authors who gave me tips on where to submit next and one who shared her experience as an independent publisher.  (Check out Kris Tualla’s A Primer for Beginning Authors.)

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kate Seaver of Berkely Publishing.  She’s a lovely, gracious woman, and I’m not saying that just because she invited me to submit Veiled Mirror to her.  🙂

The keynote speakers, Linda Lael Miller and Brad Schreiber were funny and inspiring, and some of the stories told by the editors and agents were absolutely hysterical.

If there was one theme that I had to choose to describe the conference, it’s that writing is hard work, but it’s worth the effort.  To quote Jodi Thomas (who was quoting a headstone), “Triumph comes through perseverance.”

So, I’m giving a big round of applause to the organizers of the the conference.  They did a fabulous job.

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