Review Wednesday – How Starbucks Saved My Life

For the half dozen folks out there who haven’t yet read How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill, this book is about how losing his job in a New York advertising agency and taking a job at Starbucks turned a silver-spoon prick into a real boy.

Snarkiness aside, I liked this book.  It’s a reminder that circumstance and environment has a lot to do with how we behave — and that we have a choice about that environment.  It’s a lesson that indivduals are not just what we see on the surface.  The jerk who snarled at us may have just had a very, very bad day.  Or he may be a real jerk pretty much all the time, but  under the right circumstances, become a nice guy with a little guidance and patience.  (The obverse may also true, I suspect.  If you drop a nice guy in a crappy environment, how long will it take for him to become a jerk?  The veneer of civilization can be rather thin.)

As I’ve said before in this blog, two concepts I try to incorporate into the way I approach life are balance and perspective.  The angle from which you view the world makes a huge difference in what you see.

This book provided a nice reinforcement of that idea and a guide to how to get back in balance.  Gill had his perspective on the world and his place in it radically rearranged and he became a better man because of it.

I’d like to think we can all become better people from reading books like this.

This is a quick and worthwhile read.

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