Refilling the Well

I know of several writers who say they don’t have time to read anymore.  They’re so busy with other aspects of Life and writing to deadline that they no longer are able to indulge in the very thing that inspired them to get into this business.

Others do read, but not the genre they write in.  I find this a little surprising and a little sad since, presumably, they started writing a particular kind of story because they loved that genre.  It’s natural to be more selective once you know what goes into writing a book, but I think it’s a shame if you stop enjoying your own field.

How do these writers refill their wells?

I hope my fellow writers are taking some time to repenish that magical place in their souls from which spring the tales they tell.  Maybe it’s hiking, or listening to music, or playing with their pets.  There are lots of ways to refresh our spirits, each as individual as we are.

I like to read most of all, or go to the beach or the mountains to hear the sounds of nature that are different from the desert.

How do you refill your well?

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One response to “Refilling the Well

  1. Benita

    This is an interesting question.
    Do painters refresh themselves by going to art galleries?
    Do chefs love to eat out? (Yes) Or to cook at home? (not necessarily).

    Those of us in the caring/sevice professions (health care, teaching) are setting themselves up for burn-out if their off time is filled with MORE caring & service.

    Sleep, glorious sleep, is my biggest refresher.

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