Time vs. Money

I paid a landscaper $100 today to clean up my front and back yards.  Normally I’m too cheap to pay someone to do what I can do myself, but in the two weeks my husband and I were on vacation the place had gone wild.  The lawn needed mowing, the bushes trimming, and the palo verde hay was everywhere.  JMD’s crew took care of it all in just over an hour, and did what would have taken my husband and me hours to do.  And they did it better.  Now we can sit out on the porch without thinking about how much yard work we need to do.

I’ve read more than one book on productivity that recommended delegating the jobs that you don’t need or want to do yourself.  I’ve even heard it suggested that you can hire people to blog and FaceBook and Twitter for you, to promote your business.  That might work if you’re selling widgets, but I can’t quite get my head around how that would work for an author.

There are probably other areas where writers could better spend their money rather than their time.  (The task I’ve heard most often cited is housekeeping.  I haven’t yet been able to let anyone into my sanctum to do that.)  Staying focused on one’s goals supposedly means doing what’s important to their pursuit, not haring off in a dozen directions.  Sounds good, but hard to implement in today’s world.

Nevertheless, there must be some business related actions an author can reasonably delegate. Any authors out there with ideas?

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