Poetry Monday: For Every Heart by Olga Broumas

In case you’re new to this blog and wondering why a romance/fantasy author is writing about poetry every Monday, I tell you.   I’ve missed reading poetry.  Poetry has a different rhythm and uses language differently than prose.  But like pretty much everyone, I have a busy life and never made time for it.   A few years back I read about a guy who studied something new each year.  One year he learned to garden, another year he learned Spanish.  I decided to read and learn more about poetry this year and I’m sharing it with you.

Olga Broumas’ (1949-) poem, “For Every Heart”  (The Erotic Spirit, edited by Sam Hamill) says something wonderful about making love. Beyond the private act, she sees it as a thing we can all celebrate, a performance that adds to the world’s collective joy.

I like it when my friend has lovers, their happy moans,/unrestrained, fill the house with the glee of her prowess./. . . I am moved to clap.  Hands clapping calm us./It is their simple, wholehearted and naive sexual imitation/their fleshbird dance chest-high in the open of time.

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