Wednesday Review: Every Man Sees You Naked by David M. Matthews

David M. Matthews’ book Every Man Sees You Naked is aimed at women.  “I will make two assumptions right off the bat.  One is that you are probably a woman.  I say that because men already know how they think and spend very little time analyzing their thoughts.  Consequently, a book like this would interest them about as much as Rolling in the Mud for Dummies would interest a pig (draw your own conclusions about this analogy).”

It’s a funny little book that pretty accurately cuts through the veneer of civilization, boiling down men’s motivations to their most basic drives.  On a certain level, Matthews and Freud have a lot in common.  They’re both men and they both think it’s all about sex.

Obviously, it’s a little more complicated than that as even Matthews acknowledges.  Men also want companionship and comfort as well as sex, but not necessarily in that order.  They do not want super skinny women with short hair, however.  They want curvy women who are enthusiastic in bed.

This is not one of those obnoxious “Me Tarzan, you Jane” reactionary tomes that try to tell women to “get back in the kitchen and get me a beer while you’re at it.”  This is a fun, fast read that gives some insight into how many men think.  It’s very simplified, but then as Matthews would say, men are simple creatures.

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