Wednesday Review: Bedtime Stories by Jean Johnson

I enjoyed Bedtime Stories:  A Collection of Erotic Fairy Tales by Jean Johnson.  I think the subtitle is a little misleading though.  While there are some hot scenes in each of the tales, they are first and foremost romantic fantasy or science fiction.  The emphasis is more on story than on sex.  This is a positive, as long as you didn’t buy the anthology primarily for vicarious thrills.

My favorite of the stories is “The Courtship of Wali Daad.”  Johnson executes the rhythm and voice of this Arabian Nights type tale perfectly.  The ironic ending to “The Frog Prince” makes it my second favorite.

A couple of the stories are set in the same universe as her Sons of Destiny series inhabits.  I haven’t read Johnson’s other books.  Perhaps if I had I would have enjoyed those stories more.

Over all, this is a nice anthology and I look forward to reading more from Johnson.

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