Wednesday Review: Who Dares Wins by Bob Mayer

Who Dares Wins by Bob Mayer is a self-help book based on the author’s experiences as a Green Beret and author of thirty-eight books.  It’s focus is on becoming confident so that fear is not the emotion that determines your behavior.

Mayer breaks down his philosophy/process into three groups of three tools: Wins –What (the goal), Why, Where (the environment); Who — Character (understanding yourself), Change, Courage; Dares — Communication, Command, Complete.

Mayer encourages the reader to define success for themselves.  Like many other books of this sort, the author recommends setting and prioritizing goals, then breaking them down into subordinate, manageable sub-goals.  What fewer books do however, is that he then has the reader define their intent, or the “Why” of their goal.  By understanding this, the reader can then revise the goal as necessary to better achieve what she most wants.

Understanding oneself is crucial to this process of defining goals and understanding the obstacles we each put in our own way.  Mayer references an abbreviation of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test.  I’m already familiar with this tool, but I could see the benefit of him spending a little more wordage on this.  He also talks about how certain strengths can indicate hidden needs and character flaws.  All of this is in pursuit of helping the reader become aware of blind spots that can trip us up.  It’s all too easy to start a new course of action only to find oneself derailed despite the best of intentions. His goal is to help the reader avoid that outcome.

Mayer cut this book in half, deliberately simplifying to make his message easier to digest.  I think he succeeded in that.  For my taste, he may have cut a little too much.  His military examples were very effective, however, and I appreciated how he also showed the applicability of his method to artistic pursuits.

For me this book is an effective tool, particularly in conjunction with other books like The Magic Lamp (reviewed in an earlier post) which covers aspects of setting goals in more detail. Who Dares Wins will be helpful to me in the pursuit of my career goals.

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