Poetry Monday: Love this Life by David Culiner

I bought a lovely soft t-shirt when I was on vacation last May.  On it was printed the manifesto of Love this Life, by David Culiner.  It feels a little new agey, like the Desiderata, but it contains ideas that I’ve long held and still struggle to implement in my own life.

Love this Life
is about celebrating the moment
and that we’re not guaranteed
or owed another day

My dad survived a heart attack when I was nine.  For the next eight years or so I thought he could die at any time. (He lived to eighty-six – yay!)  When I was a teen I passed out from lack of oxygen during a serious asthma attack.  More recently, I’ve had eight friends my own age or younger pass away (I’m not that old :-)).  So while I’m not morbid (much) I’m very aware of the temporary nature of life.

. . . it’s never too late
to pick up a guitar or a paintbrush
or to make an amend or to make a new friend.

I really appreciate the sentiments expressed by Culiner.  Don’t waste a moment.  Live Life!


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2 responses to “Poetry Monday: Love this Life by David Culiner

  1. LOVE this!! I don’t think you’re morbid, you’re a realist. To the fragility yet immense beauty of life! Good on you!
    Live fully. Live daily. Don’t exist. LIVE.

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