Remember the old Chuck Connors series?  Neither do I — I’m a bit too young to have enjoyed it, but it was about a man of the late 1800s who was falsely accused of cowardice and dishonorably discharged from the Army. The brand of coward followed him through many episodes.

That’s what we writers need to do for ourselves, but in a positive way.  We want everyone to say, “Oh, YOU write XYZ!” And when someone wants to read XYZ, we want them to think, “When is the next [insert your name here] book coming out?”

Kris Tualla just blogged on this subject and made some thought provoking suggestions on how to approach branding by recognizing the threads that consistently run through one’s work.  In response, here’s my analysis of my brand:

All of my heroes and heroines are older. They’re 26 to immortal.  All of them have some life experience, usually unpleasant.

My heroes are all leaders, if reluctant ones. They rise to the occasion.  (No pun intended!) The best description I’ve heard of the Alpha Male hero is that he’s a protector. That describes my heroes.

All my books and stories have magical or paranormal elements.  Thus my tagline: Romance, Mystery, and Magic.

Half my books (and all my short stories) are romantic fantasy. The other half are contemporary paranormal romance.  I may need to create a second brand for this, though my tagline does still cover all.

As for creating an image for myself, I’ve only just started.  My website features my tagline prominently and shares a color theme with my blog but needs sprucing up.  My business cards have a very different appearance but are more reflective of my tagline.  Next on the agenda: a Frankie Robertson FaceBook page!

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