Life is a Moving Target

I read several good blogs today.  One, The Idler had an article about cartoonist Kate Beaton. In closing, the author, Rosemary Van Deuren quotes Beaton, “I don’t know what I’m doing—nobody does.”

In another, The Single Supplement, the author references several motivational quotes including, ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.’ – Anthony Robbins.

Bob Mayer started his Genreality post:

“I’m convinced fear is at the root of most bad writing.”  Stephen King

… Actually, fear is the root of most failure….  It’s insidious and tears away at people and it the main obstacle to success.  This works on many levels.  We’re afraid our abilities aren’t good enough to get published.  We’re afraid our voice isn’t strong enough to write what we really should be writing.  We’re afraid to take chances, to break rules, to break out of the norm.

(Which reminds me of another motivating quote: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa)

I also read a blog about “How to become an optimist” on 17000 Days.  Cara points out that optimists aren’t fearful, because they view set-backs as temporary.

And finally, I read a guest blog on Tim Ferris site by Tucker Max, where he shares his experience in making the New York Times bestseller list.

It was a wonderful constellation of information that came together to remind me of several truths:  Don’t let the experts bully you.  Learn from them, then find your own way.  Nobody else knows for sure what they’re doing either, no matter what they say.  Don’t let fear of making a mistake hold you back.  That’s just pride getting in the way.  So what if you screw up?  Learn from it and go on.  And keep learning. Life is a moving target.  You never know it all — or not for long, anyway!

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