Today I’m just musing about a variety of things–

As I’ve written before, maintaining balance and a healthy perspective is something that’s important to me.  I realized recently that balance is not something you attain and then move on from, like standing in a quiet room or even striding down a smooth level road.  No, balance is more like sitting on one of those exercise balls, constantly having to readust to maintain an upright posture.  It’s being a weeble: wobbling in response to buffeting events but not falling down.


I watched a gang of quail out my kitchen window this afternoon.  We had some pretty big families show up in our yard this summer (one had 20 chicks).  They’re all grown now so the males aren’t as testy as they were when the chicks were little.  Instead they’re all hanging out together, mobbing the bird seed block like vegetarian pirrhannas and guzzling at the gound level bird bath.


I have laryngitis.  Part left over from a cough, part allergies (the wind has been blowing here for two days) I had no voice at all Sunday and Monday.  I’m getting better, though.  Now I sound like a cross between a goose honking and a braying mule.


My husband’s first full day of retirement was my birthday.  Too bad we were both sick.

The normal time cues are gone.  We may have to get one of those day of the week clocks.  🙂

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