TusCon 37 and A Sale!

The 37th iteration of the TusCon Science-fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Convention is now history. We had over 40 writers, artists, and scientists talking about and demonstrating their work.  The convention had a great energy, partly attributable to a big increase in attendance.  The guests of honor, Jim and Shannon Butcher, were both gracious (Jim signed autographs for nearly three hours) and a lot of fun to be with.

I’ve been on the committee that organizes the convention for some time, and for the last four I’ve also been a participant as a newbie writer.  Next year I’ll still be a newbie, but I’ll also have new book out to talk about!  I learned on my birthday that The Wild Rose Press will be publishing Veiled Mirror, a romantic suspense with paranormal elements.  The excitement is only creeping up on me slowly, and I’m happy to know that reaction isn’t unusual.  One of the panels at TusCon was “Hooray!  You’ve sold a book.  Now what?”  Fully half the participants initial reaction to their first sale was “Ohmygod,” instead of “Hooray!”

So now I’m taking the next step in my career, and I’ll be sharing with you what I learn along the way.


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5 responses to “TusCon 37 and A Sale!

  1. How wonderful, Frankie! What a great birthday present, too. *virtual Snoopy dance of joy*

  2. Awesome news!! Looking forward to hearing all about your new journey!

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