Baby Steps

Even though I’ve been writing for a while and have had short stories published, I’m still a newbie to publishing.  (I’m not sure when I’ll graduate from that category, or what the criteria are.) I’ve signed contracts before and killed my darlings at editorial direction.  But a short story is, well, smaller.  This is one of my books.  It took nearly a year to write, so I can tell you I read that contract carefully even if it wasn’t open to negotiation.  Especially since. It felt momentous signing it, like buying a house, irrevocable.  I was making a commitment.  I was finally taking that next step on the road of my career, a road I chose when I submitted Veiled Mirror in the first place.

Today I filled out the information sheet the artist will use to design my cover, and signed up for the publisher’s author group.  None of this was very complicated, though I had to go back to the manuscript to find out what color my hero’s eyes were.  To my dismay, I discovered I’d described them as green in one place and brown in another.  (They are now consistently green.)

Now I wait to hear from my editor what my next little step in the journey is.

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