Writerly Speaking

My friend Michael Charton guest-blogged this post about speaking for writers.  He makes a good case that writers need to do everything in their power to promote themselves, including speaking in a variety of venues.

Many of us writers are introverts and we regard speaking to a large group of strangers as tantamount to setting ourselves on fire. But you still need to talk.

So don’t talk to strangers.  Not at first anyway.  Talk to a small group of people you know.  A book group, for example.  Talking to friends isn’t scary, is it?  You do it all the time.  Then gradually expand your comfort zone.

In January I’m talking to our Romance Writers of America chapter about “Applying Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week to the writer’s life.”  This will be the third time I’ve addressed our chapter formally, but I’ve spoken before the group many times.  There will probably be about forty people in the audience.  I still get a little nervous, but it helps to remember that physiologically, excitement produces the same feelings. It’s all in how you think about it.

So I’m excited to be speaking next year, because every time it get easier and more fun.



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