Cover Art

I’m a firm believer that cover art is important to selling fiction. (There’s a reason new releases are faced out on the shelves, after all.)  I’ve read that a potential buyer spends about five seconds looking at the cover, and depending on whether she like what she sees she’ll then spend maybe 15 seconds reading the back cover blurb.  From there she might open the book and read a few pages, and if she likes that, she might buy the book.  But it all starts with the cover.  So I was very happy that The Wild Rose Press allowed me to express a preference for which of their artists I would like to do the cover for my romantic suspense Veiled Mirror.  I chose Rae Monet, and my choice has been vindicated.  She just sent me the draft for the cover, and I love it!

I don’t know if I’m free to share it here, but if I find out that I can, I’ll add it.

What a great Christmas Present!




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3 responses to “Cover Art

  1. Benita

    If you can’t show the actual cover, perhaps you can give some websites where we can see other samples of her work.

  2. Her work is awesome! CONGRATS!!

  3. Congrats on getting the cover!

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