Merry Yule!

I hope you all have wonderful holiday traditions that you’re enjoying this week!  My brother is in town, and last night, as we have done every Christmastime for the last thirty years, we went to Casa Molina for dinner.  Casa Molina, owned and operated by the Molina family, is a Mexican restaurant that’s been open on the same corner for over fifty years.  There’s a huge statue of a bull and matador out front, and periodically someone paints the bull’s balls with a different color or design (gold, blue with white stars, candy cane, etc.).

Casa Molina also makes beef and green corn tamales for people to take home for traditional holiday meals.  We chatted last night with the owner/manager Gilbert Molina, and he said they were making 100 dozen tamales for pick up today.

Traditions anchor us to our past.  Usually that’s good, but not always. They remind us of where we came from and who we are.  Remember to give your characters their own family traditions.  It will make them more real and memorable.


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