Happy New Year! Now Get To Work!

Okay, so I haven’t taken my own advice yet.  My excuse is that I’ve had lots of social obligations (read house guests and parties).  I have been thinking about how I want to approach things differently this year, so that I accomplish more of what is important to me.  I don’t have a comprehensive list yet, but I can tell you a few things I have decided.

My schedule of blogging will change.  Expect to hear from me twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.

I will exercise more.  That’s an easy one since I fell off the wagon last year and did very little.  Almost any exercise will be “more.”  I have greater ambitions than that, though.  I’ll let you all know how I do.

And one more thing I’ll be doing:  Living bravely.  Not letting irrational fear guide my choices.  Expanding my comfort zone.

What are your goals for the year?

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