My Computer is Possessed

I’m not afraid of technology.  I like science in a general sense.  I have a rudimentary understanding of how my radio, TV, and telephone work.  I even understand (in a very primitive way) that everything my computer does (or doesn’t) do has to do with the electronic sequencing of ones and zeroes.

All that being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tiny little gremlins living inside that magic box.

This afternoon they did a little jig, rebooted on their own schedule, and wiped out two days worth of email.  Even my live-in IT guy (otherwise known as my husband) couldn’t figure out what happened.  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anything urgent that evaporated into the ether, but that isn’t the point.  The point is, the gremlins did it on their own.

For the last ten years I’ve been tolerant.  I’ve looked the other way.  I’ve let my IT guy fix things when the gremlins get uppity.  But business is picking up, now.  I can’t afford to have emails from my editor going POOF! at the gremlin’s whims.  I must understand them better, so I can placate them.

So this is my project for the year:  To expand my knowledge of gremlins and the secret coded languages they speak.  And maybe sacrifice a chicken or two.

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  1. Benita

    Chicken? Nah, Gremlins are an urban species. Pigeons is more like it. Deep fried with out-of-date, but still good, yogurt.

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