Family Values

I’ve been away from my computer for a bit visiting with family.  It was my MIL’s 75th birthday and Mother’s Day so the kids and grandkids all gathered for a big weekend on Catalina Island off the coast of California.  It could not have been more perfect — even if I did lose hours of my life watching most of Episode 3 of Star Wars. (What was George thinking!)

Despite its many flaws, Episode 3 is actually pertinent to the subject of family.  It was Anakin’s fear of losing his family — again — that turned him to the dark side.  So it’s possible for something wonderful to become twisted.

Which is the origin of many a great tale.  Among other things, the Witch of the West wanted vengeance for the death of her sister.  (I once read a TV Guide description of the famous movie:  Teenage runaway kills, and with the help of three strangers kills again.)

For good or ill, there is little we are more passionate about than family.  Family brings us joy and makes us crazy, sometimes at the same time.  This should be true for our characters as well.  Family makes characters real, gives them depth, and provides motivation.

When family calls, we answer — and so should our characters.

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