My husband suggested this song as a theme for LIGHTBRINGER or perhaps the entire Celestial Affairs series. I must admit it’s giving me ideas. . . .


I hope you all have enjoyed the company of friends and family this Labor Day weekend, and that your labors have brought you enough to eat and a safe place to sleep. If you have a little to spare, please consider contributing to your local Community Food Bank or Habitat for Humanity.

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One response to “Theme Song for LIGHTBRINGER

  1. Perfect song! Nice feel to it and the lyrics certainly fit. šŸ™‚
    It’s interesting how music can play a role in your writing life. I usually find my muse writing as a byproduct of musical inspiration. My archangel series was inspired in equal measure by a Ruth Thompson painting and a VNV Nation song from their 1980s album. Must blog about that process.

    The local food bank is a favorite charity of mine. Thanks for reminding us to remember those less fortunate!

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