VEILED MIRROR — Chapter Three

Big fat drops splatted on the windshield of the truck as thunder rumbled overhead.   “You sure you don’t want me to drive?”  Hills dotted with scrub oak and greening grass flashed by, grayed by the falling rain.  Beth braced a hand against the cracked dashboard as Ellie took the turn on the twisting dirt road faster than Beth liked.

Ellie flashed her a grin.  “Still a nervous Nellie, huh?  You never did like speed.”

“Humor me, okay?  Slow down.  And fasten your seatbelt while you’re at it.”

“I drive this road all the time.  Besides, we need to get across the Jimson Wash before it floods.  There’s no bridge there.”

Beth changed the subject.  “You want to stay and get some dinner in Tucson after this meeting with Mr. Cox?”

“Sure.  Depending on how heavy this rain is, we may need the extra time to let the water go down.  We might as well spend it having dinner.”

“Uh, just what do you hope this guy can do for us?”

Ellie threw her a sharp glance.  “You still think I’m crazy, don’t you?”

“No, but–”  She didn’t want to doubt her sister, but the evidence was against her.

“– Listen, you don’t know Chris like I do … did.”  Her chin quivered as she struggled not to cry.

Beth winced.  It killed her to see Ell like this.  When her sister met Chris she’d found more than her prince charming.  She’d found her soul-mate. When she and Ell had lost first their mother, and then later their dad, somehow they’d survived, but now Ell was pregnant and Chris was gone and her heart was bleeding all over again.  How much pain is one woman supposed to bear?

Ell glanced over at her.  “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re glad you’re not me.”

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