The Great Social Media Flim-Flam

The Great Social Media Flim-Flam. I’ve been wondering about this myself. It seems self-evident that getting your book reviewed will result in more people reading your book, which will result in an increase of “word-of-mouth” recommendations (the most effective form of promotion). Readers have to know your book exists in order to find it right? That’s where social media comes in, right? Maybe not.

Read this post by Susan Kiernan-Lewis. It might change your mind.


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2 responses to “The Great Social Media Flim-Flam

  1. My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, sends our books to review sites. I’ve gotten 5 or 6 really great reviews. I have 14 lovely reviews on Amazon. So, according to what I’ve always heard, I should be selling. Right? Sigh…ain’t necessarily so. A second piece of information I’ve heard is the more projects you have out there, the more sales you’ll have. So I’ve been writing nonstop to get more out there. In 19 months, I’ve written 3 books and 2 novellas. Nothing comes easy, does it?

    • Vonnie, I’m in the same boat you’re in: some nice reviews, but minimal sales. And though this may sound egotistical, I’m pretty sure it’s not the quality of my writing that’s putting the brakes on. Like you, I’m working hard to get more “product” out there. Hopefully soon we both will get a piece of that luck, and our sales will take off.

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