TusCon Is Coming! (Nov. 9-11)

Just a little over a week away, TusCon, Tucson’s local science-fiction, fantasy, and horror convention is going to be particularly great this year, with a lot of new activities and great guests.

S.M. Stirling is TusCon’s guest of honor. Stirling writes a wide variety of science-fiction and alternate history. I’m in the middle of reading DIES THE FIRE, the first of his “Change” novels, where gunpowder and electricity no longer work and mankind has to figure out a new way of coping both physically and socially. It’s a very entertaining read. I enjoy apocalyptic novels like this because I love seeing how mankind is capable of being creative and resilient in the face of unexpected hardship.

TusCon’s fan guest of honor, David Lee Summers, is also a writer of great creativity, and the editor of TALES OF THE TALISMAN an elegant and highly regarded magazine that just happens to have to published my first short story several years ago. 😉

If you like science-fiction, fantasy, or horror literature and art do consider attending. Over 30 local authors will be present, including moi.

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