Available at Amazon and B&N

Available at Amazon and B&N

After a brief promotional period on Amazon’s Kindle Select, my sensual fairytale WITH HEART TO HEAR is again available for Nook online at Barnes and Noble. Like LIGHTBRINGER, it’s also available in other formats at Smashwords.


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4 responses to “WITH HEART TO HEAR Is Back on NOOK!

  1. I confess, the way you have been presenting this sort of thing makes it sound like those of us who don’t have a Kindle are second-class citizens, or underpriviledged, or something. Given that’s fully half the ebook market, that’s probably not the tone you want to be projecting. This makes me, at least, far less inclined to want to buy a book once it finally is in a format I can read, and while that’s not everyone’s reaction to Kindle Select things, asking around I find I’m not the only one.

    (Yes, the being-looked-down-on thing is somewhat built into the whole Kindle Select thing anyway — it’s the tone Amazon specifically is TRYING to project. But you’ve not been spinning against it very well, compared to other writers.)


    • I confess, I don’t think it’s my job to “spin” against Amazon. I’m in business. Amazon is currently the big wave in the surf and gives the best “ride.” Kindle Select provides an effective way to promote my work. How many readers will refuse to buy my books six months from now on Barnes and Noble or Kobo just because I chose to launch them on Amazon? Do readers not buy mass market books because a publisher first released the books in hardback?

      What you and others seem to thinking is that by making my books exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle Select for a period of time I’m saying I think less of those readers who chose to purchase Nooks and Kobos. That is not the case. But those formats are a smaller part of the market and I am a small business person. I MUST work with the tools I have to achieve maximum market penetration first, then address the rest. Kindle Select is the single most effective tool available to me at this time for that purpose. And given that format-exclusive ereaders are being outsold by tablets which can access multiple online distributors, this argument will soon be moot except among those who have a prejudice specifically against Amazon.

  2. Winter Bird

    hi, Frankie,
    I want to learn how to publish my books. Will your I.P. Track: Before You Indie Publish teach me how to do that? I need to know how to get started.

    • Yes, the class will give you guidance on how to get started and help you decide on what approach is right for you. I’ll also be sharing a lot of links to places you can get more information. The technical step-by-step process of formatting or cover design is beyond the scope of my class, though I’ll make suggestions on where to find that info.

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