Which Covers Attract Readers?

It’s past time for me to contact an artist to do the cover for BETRAYED BY TRUST. This story takes place in the Celestial Affairs universe. Here’s a teaser:

It’s January, 1979. The Vietnam war is over. The oil embargo and long gas lines a bad memory. And Three Mile Island is just a Pennsylvanian power plant that no one has ever heard of.

Marianne Benton works for the Trust, a secretive organization guarding against abuses of occult power. Marianne’s assignment, rescue an Elemental Spirit from slavery — by seducing the heir to a corporate dynasty.

Dan Collier is a former Green Beret. His assignment: keep Marianne alive — and give her baby his name. Falling in love is optional.

There’s a lot of talk about what works as a cover for digital books. I have some definite opinions. A cover should be easy to see in thumbnail size, have a clear image, and easy to read fonts. But I’m not sure what images I want on the cover of this book. So I’m asking you: what would you like to see on the cover? What would attract your attention if you saw it among the other “also boughts”and make you click through to read the product description, or buy with one click? Are there covers you think are spectacular? Please share your thoughts.


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2 responses to “Which Covers Attract Readers?

  1. If I was asking a cover artist for a cover for this book based on the blurb you provided, I’d want to see something like this: a building representing the trust in the background, maybe at night? In the foreground, I see the heroine looking toward the camera view, a man standing to the side but slightly behind her, he’s wearing a beret. Off to the side a face is watching them from the darkness, maybe it’s the entity or another person, maybe hidden by trees or partially hidden behind something?

    Some of the mystery and paranormal feel could be created by the face watching them and the night setting. The lighting on the building could help with this too, depending on how the artist does it, and you could always have a kind of misty effect, maybe not fog exactly, but more fuzzy/lamplight and illustrated than photo. That would be my first attempt on a cover.

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