FREE through Friday: BETRAYED BY TRUST, a Celestial Affairs novel.BBT500x800


January, 1979. The Vietnam war is over, the oil embargo and long gas lines a bad memory, and Three Mile Island is just a power plant that few have ever heard of.

Marianne Benton works for the Trust, a secretive organization guarding against abuses of paranormal power. Her next assignment: rescue an Elemental Spirit from slavery–by seducing the heir to an occult dynasty.

As a former Green Beret, Dan Collier knows how to follow orders. His assignment: help Marianne sleep with another man. After that: keep her alive.

Falling in love is optional.


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2 responses to “FREE BOOK!

  1. David A Fields

    Just finished Dangerous Talents. Congratulations on a well-crafted tale, delightfully written. You also have a great editor (most indie books are frustratingly poorly edited). That said, there is there an email address where I can send you a very short list of minor (but distracting) typos in your manuscript?

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