Why I Don’t Care About Amazon vs. Hachette

Russel Blake has given voice to something I’ve been thinking for some time now. Frankly, I’m too busy writing (and getting ready for family to visit) to read another word on this subject. When a decision is reached that actually affects how I do business, let me know.

Why I Don’t Care About Amazon vs. Hachette.


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3 responses to “Why I Don’t Care About Amazon vs. Hachette

  1. Kilian Metcalf

    You just keep writing, Frankie. I’ll buy your books, no matter who publishes them. Personally, I’m glad you’re self-published because I can afford to buy them at a reasonable price. Also they come out much more frequently since they don’t have to go through the trad pub pipeline, but that’s just me. I’m a selfish reader. I want reasonable prices and books coming when I want them.

  2. theresa shaw

    i agree with you.


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