A Fantasy short story.

Lonely and  isolated from the other villagers by deep winter snow, young weaver Nellan agrees to do a favor for a handsome stranger. But Koomb is bearing a dark and dangerous secret and Nellan must decide if helping him is worth the risk.

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    • Sigrid,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Dangerous Talents! I hope you enjoy Forbidden Talents and Debts, too. If you haven’t already, would you take a moment to leave a review on Amazon? Reader reviews make a world of difference to authors, and help other readers find books they’ll love. Your opinion matters!

      Happy reading!

  2. sigrid

    Enjoyed Dangerous Talents, especially as it featured many of my interests: Tucson, the Anasazi, their petroglyphs, Hopi myth, Vinlanders, ancient monoliths, Norse lore… with a strong female lead and many of my loved one’s names. Wonderful action fantasy and love story!

  3. Cynthia Hodges

    Thank you for this tale!! As Sigrid also said, it encompasses many of my interests. It was so refreshing to read an electronic book with proper grammar and puncture as well. I was held. Park e by the story line and eagerly await the next!

  4. Cynthia Hodges

    Forgive the autocorrect error.

  5. Danica Riley

    I absolutely loved this book dangerous talents and was so happy that it ended with cele and dahleven being together it brought tears of joy to my eyes

  6. Ellen Timmerman

    I really enjoyed “Dangerous Talents”. Being from the southwest it was interesting how you included some of the culture from this area.

  7. Donna Marsh

    Wonderful characters in “Dangerous Talents” and I found it hard to put down! The twists and turns in this love story and cool supernatural feel, left me excited to read more.

    • Donna, Ellen, and Danica, that is music to an author’s ears! I’m so glad you enjoyed Dangerous Talents and I hope you enjoy the other books as well. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can get your free story.

      Happy reading!

  8. Karen Williams

    Truly enjoyed Dangerous Talent. Look forward to the continuing stories in the Vinlander Sagas. T he subject matter, s settings &tie-ins to historical events were very well done. I live in s southern New Mexico & find southwestern lore so intriging. How about incorporating the area of Chaco Canyon or the Gila Cliff dwellings?

    • Karen, I’m so glad you enjoyed DT! I had a lot of fun writing it. There will be more Vinlanders books, but it will be about a year before the next one comes out. It will probably be Fender’s story. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

      Chaco Canyon or the Gila Cliff dwellings could be interesting jumping off points for a new Talents book. (Ouch! Unintentional pun!)

      Thank you for writing!

  9. Valerie

    I absolutely loved this story! So many of my favourite genre’s. Time travel, Norse myths and legends, Native American lore and archeology. Thank you for a wonderful new world to discover! I would be honoured to read anything else you’ve written! Sincerely Valerie Duplisea

    • Thanks, Valerie! There will be more Vinlanders’ Saga books. First I have to finish GUARDIAN, Book 2 in the Celestial Affairs series. After that, I’ll return to Nuvinland to see what Fender is up to.
      Happy Reading!

  10. Joanne Cromer

    I could not put this story down. It was fascinating. Thank you!!

  11. John Turner

    I found your book, DT, captivating and very hard to put down. Lots of twists and turns and well written. It’s great to find a new author. Hope to read much more.

  12. As a bit of a history freak, I was quite pleased with most of the historical Viking era aspects of this story. The points that gave me pause were easily explainable by contact with the Native American culture (tomato and tobacco), and let’s face it, this is alternate world fiction. Now about the writing: thank you for an emotional and engaging story that rings true with believable reactions. I’m originally from Tucson, and so this story really rang all my reader bells. So many modern Norse stories are comedy, these day, and I really appreciate the depth of the drama. I write a little bit as well, and maybe someday as well as this. Excellent storytelling. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Lis! I’m glad you liked DT and I hope you enjoy the sequels just as much. BTW, LIGHTBRINGER is also set in Tucson for the first part of the story, although it’s a contemporary urban fantasy not historical.

      Good luck with your writing!

  13. Dianne

    Dangerous Talents is wonderful, and very well written . I couldn’t stop reading it. I wish it would be produced as a movie – it would be better than most of the ones that are coming out now. Can’t wait to get started on Forbidden Talents

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