Below is a compressed list of information for authors interested in self-publishing. For more in-depth exploration of the topic you can read my posts under the publishing category.

It is quite possible to do much of the work I hire out yourself, and thereby save yourself production costs. The less you pay to create your product (and it is a product), the less time it will take for you to break even and begin making money with your writing, all things being equal. All things aren’t equal, however. Many sets of eyes may substitute for a professional editor, but your best friend alone will not. While you may have a strong artistic bent, unless your design skills are those of a professional, it could take you weeks to learn the skills you need to create a passable cover.

Don’t forget that your time is valuable too. Every minute you spend on production chores is time you can’t spend on writing or promotion. You have to decide which scarce resource you want to spend.

I chose to invest money instead of time. I want my self-publishing efforts to look as good as anything a reader could buy from a large publisher. I’m a professional and I want to produce a product that won’t detract from the story. I’ve read a lot of criticism about the covers, editing, and formatting of self-published books. I didn’t want to make those mistakes so I hired professionals to do the production work. I also decided to create my own logo and publishing label, Castle Rock Publishing because it sends a stronger message to readers and reviewers that these books are quality products.

Here are some of the resources I’ve used to educate myself, and to get the job done professionally.

Best Overviews I’ve Read of the Subject:

WRITE, PUBLISH, REPEAT by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt
LET’S GET DIGITAL by David Gaughran  (regularly updated)

Excellent Blogs on the Business of Writing (Treasure troves of guidance in various areas):
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Dean Wesley Smith

Great Digest of Writing Info:
The Passive Voice

Great Yahoo group for self-pub advice from those in the trenches (they also have resources in their Files section):
Indie Romance Ink

My Editors:

Dusky Loebel

Rochelle French (who has now left editing to write her own books)

Adelle Brinkley at With Pen in Hand

My Cover Artists:

Jaycee DeLorenzo at Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Designs

Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs

Rae Monet

My Digital Formatters:

Jaycee DeLorenzo at Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Designs

Lucinda Campbell

Natasha Fondren at eBook Artisan Design

My POD (paper) Formatters:

Jaycee DeLorenzo at Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Designs

Natasha Fondren at eBook Artisans
Cheryl Perez at You’re Published

Additional Resources:
Smashwords will send you a free list of inexpensive digital formatters and cover artists for the asking. Ask for “Mark’s list.”

LET’S GET VISIBLE by David Gaughran
WE ARE NOT ALONE: The Writers Guide to Social Media by Kristen Lamb

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