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A great tale of adventure and romance, beautifully imagined and deeply engaging from beginning to end!
— Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the Outlander series.



Celia Montrose has been trained to deal with any emergency–except being thrust into another world. Crisis management training hasn’t prepared her for meeting the Viking descendants of the lost Vinland colony, or coping with kidnapping, murder, and magic.

Lord Dahleven is preparing for war when he rescues a strange and beautiful woman in the drylands. Though he fears Celia may be Fey-marked, Dahleven can’t resist the powerful attraction he feels for her. But is Celia in league with the enemy, or will she provide the key to saving his people?

Alone and off-balance, Celia finds herself falling for Lord Dahleven. But dangerous forces are at work, and one of them is offering Celia a way home–for a price.



As the second son of the Kon of Nuvinland, and a priest of Baldur, Lord Ragni understands the demands of politics. He’s not surprised when his father arranges a marriage for him to the daughter of another Jarl. Unfortunately, Ragni has just fallen hard for Saeun.

Saeun never expected to fall in love with Lord Ragni, but what began as a casual dalliance with a ladies’ man blossomed into a deep passion. But her hopes for the future are dashed when her tools of forbidden magic are discovered.

Confronted with Saeun’s crime, Ragni faces an agonizing choice: enforce the law he’s sworn to uphold, or save the woman he loves.

And while the lovers’ hearts are breaking, a dark and ancient threat to all of Nuvinland is gaining strength.

DEBTS (Book Three)


Son of an Oathbreaker, Aren is desperate to restore his family’s honor, and leaps at the chance Lord Fender offers. His task seems simple enough for a Tracker: bring in a young woman accused of a vile crime. Simple, until his duty to the Jarl conflicts with a debt he owes to the Elves.

Fey-marked and friendless, Annikke flees the wrath of a vengeful lord. When Aren intercepts her, Annikke must choose: trust a stranger with warm brown eyes who promises justice, or protect her daughter—and remain a fugitive forever.



The folk of Nuvinland fear the mountain forests. They are the abode of Elves and not to be trespassed upon. Katrynna doesn’t always follow that rule–and her visits to the woods have not gone unnoticed.

When a mysterious stranger asks for Katrynna’s hand on behalf of his lord, she has her doubts. She’s never heard of the man, and why would a wealthy lord ask for her, a farmer’s daughter? But he offers a significant bride price and her sisters need dowries. For their sake she accepts and marries by proxy.

The victim of a devastating curse, Lord Taavin’s fate rests in the hands of the mortal woman he saw dancing in the forest. He has his doubts that a mere human can be trusted, but somehow he must overcome her fear of being Fey-marked and seduce her into falling in love–without using his magic.

His future–and his heart–depend on it.


Grabs you from the start with excellent pacing, fascinating characters and culture, and a satisfying romance. I want more!
Jennifer Roberson, bestselling author of KARAVANS, the Sword Dancer series, The Chroncles of the Cheysuli, and LADY OF THE GLEN.

If you haven’t yet heard of Frankie Robertson, just wait, you will. She is destined to be a star. And for those of us who eagerly anticipate Frankie’s next story, what we really want to know is: What the hell is she cooking up now?  —Dennis L. McKiernan, Bestselling author of the Mithgar and Faery Series

Frankie Robertson creates detailed worlds, vivid characters, and intricate, well plotted stories. The mixture of fantasy and romance is perfectly balanced and an utter joy to read.
Jill Knowles, author of CONCUBINE and A PIRATE’S PRIMER


From Therapy Writing by R. Leonia Shea:

As I’ve posted before, I’ve been reading a lot of Indie fiction – yet maybe you’ve been wondering why there aren’t many reviews posted on my site…well, I’m not recommending anything that I’m not absolutely in love with – and I love, love, love Frankie Robertson’s book Dangerous Talents.   The story unfolds quickly with an incident that changes Celia’s (our heroine’s) life.  From the get-go, the story unwinds with believable, interesting characters that you will both recognize and find strangely unfamiliar.  Woven throughout this tale is Norse Mythology and Legend (I’m not telling you how, you’ll have to read it to find out) and it’s masterfully done with well written dialogue and artfully crafted scenes that let you glimpse the inner lives of the characters.  The motives are clear, the scenes fluid, and all of the loose ends are neatly tied up in nice little packages with pretty ribbons that leave you completely satisfied and gratified.  I highly recommend this book for a wide variety of reasons – memorable characters, a strong plot, nice blend of myths/legends and contemporary characters and (naturally) a liberal dose of magic and a villain that keeps you on the edge.   LOVED it – and will definitely read the next book Forbidden Talents – as soon as I read the other books that are on my kindle!

* * * * *


Quick, supple writing–an unusual and gripping tale–and did I mention sexy?
–Melanie Rawn, best-selling author of DIVINER and SPELLBINDER



Jared Price is a Celestial, one of a race of beings often taken for angels. Exiled on earth, he’s offered a chance to return to the Celestial Realm. All he has to do is protect Cassie Lewis from a demonic assassin.
A genuine psychic, Cassie can’t resist Jared’s Celestial aura, but she doesn’t trust him. He’s hiding something behind his strong mental barriers and she’s learned the hard way that what you don’t know can hurt you. But when a demon tries to kill her, Cassie has no one else to turn to.
Then the stakes are raised even higher, and Jared must decide if Cassie’s love is worth sacrificing a dream he’s held on to for 150 years.
This book contains mature subject matter and is intended for adult readers.


Gideon, a Celestial Guardian, loves his job―except when he’s not allowed to do it.

For millennia, Gideon’s main desire has been to protect mortal lives. But with the Silence and the Veil in place, his hands are tied. Guardians can only visit the Terrestrial Plane in secrecy, and only to save humans from Supernatural threats. When magic surrounds the disappearance of a young, untrained psychic he jumps at the opportunity to act. But to save her he must work closely with Ana―the victim’s bewitching sister―without revealing his true identity or letting their unexpected chemistry distract him.

When Tasha goes missing, Ana has only one priority: find her sister. She can’t give the police all the facts because magic is involved, and she doesn’t have time for the inconvenient rush of desire she feels for Gideon, the security expert she hires to find her sister.

But Tasha’s kidnapping is just the tip of the iceberg. As the investigation deepens, a dangerous conspiracy is revealed and Gideon faces a terrible dilemma: obey his Celestial orders, or protect Ana and all he holds dear.


From Two Ends of the Pen by Debra L. Martin:

4 of 5 stars

I’ve always loved books that deal with angels, demons and good vs. evil. This book seemed to promise all that and more from its description and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.


The characters are nicely fleshed-out especially Cassie and Jared. The sizzle between those two is palpable and I would classify this story as more of an erotic romance or at the very least a very spicy one. Some of the scenes are more graphic than in a typical romance, but certainly nothing over the top.  The story moves along at a good pace between the action and the romance. It all happens in only 4 days, but what 4 days they are! I would have liked to have read more about Jared and his exile on Earth although there are snippets as to why that happened. Fans of sexy romances will certainly enjoy this book.

From I’m a Voracious Reader:

4 out of 5

I loved this story! Well-written and smooth flowing with interesting characters. Cassie is strong yet vulnerable and Jared is noble yet a bit flawed for a Celestial being. While there was a conclusion to this story I’d love to see even more written in this world and the ending implies there is more to tell. I’d love to read more!
 * * * * *


January, 1979. The Vietnam war is over, the oil embargo and long gas lines a bad memory, and Three Mile Island is just a power plant that few have ever heard of.

Marianne Benton works for the Trust, a secretive organization guarding against abuses of paranormal power. Her next assignment: rescue an Elemental Spirit from slavery–by seducing the heir to an occult dynasty.

Dan Collier also works for the Trust. He saw things in the jungles of Cambodia that changed his view of reality, but as a former Green Beret, he knows how to follow orders. His current assignment: help Marianne sleep with another man. After that: keep her alive.

Falling in love is optional.


This is a fabulous paranormal romance. The time period is unique, but Ms. Robertson does such a great job of grounding the story in the feel of the 70’s, that I never found myself wondering why the characters weren’t using current technology (a problem I’ve had with other books set in the time period.) The characters are quite well drawn, the slow burn of the romance believable, and the touches of magic are well thought out. I’ve read other books by Frankie Robertson, and this one didn’t disappoint. I look forward to the next book in this series. ~Jill Knowles, author of CONCUBINE, and A PIRATES PRIMER
* * * * *


Beth Hart is alive and well and hunting for her killer.

600x900VMWhen the sheriff dismisses the deaths of her brother-in-law Chris and her twin sister Ellie as accidents, Beth impulsively switches identities with Ellie to lure the murderer into revealing himself. Beth can’t rest until she finds the killer, and neither can her sister’s ghost, who haunts Beth’s dreams.

FBI fraud investigator Jason Blackforth fell hard for Beth at Chris and Ellie’s wedding, but he left her as quickly as he found her–undercover work and relationships don’t mix. Now, grieving and believing Beth is dead, Jason is appalled to find himself fantasizing about the widow of his best friend. He wants to help her through this difficult time, but she reminds him so much of Beth. And the more time he spends with her, the more convinced he becomes that something just doesn’t add up.

Then he learns the truth, and Jason must accept the unbelievable before they both end up dead.

From Siren Book Reviews:

(Siren’s Best Book Stone) by Nikki

“From the get-go, Veiled Mirror grabbed my attention. With plenty of suspense, and a small touch of paranormal, this is one of the best romantic suspense books I’ve read in a long time. There’s deceit, murder, lies…I was left guessing the whole way through. I worried for Beth, cried for her family that died, and was at the edge of my seat, hanging on to every word because I never knew what to expect next.

Frankie Robertson is a new-to-me author, and from my journey with this book, I will be keeping an eye out for more. The characters are so well created, the tension is high and it never wavers. I stayed up late into the night-hours to finish this book. I read it in one sitting, not wanting to miss a thing, yet I didn’t want it to end either.

Kudos to you, Frankie Robertson. You’ve created an amazing suspenseful story. Readers, if you’re a romantic suspense fan, add this book to your list right away.”


From Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

(4 hearts) by Stacey :

Veiled Mirror was a surprisingly wonderful story. The blurb interested me, but it didn’t even hint at how well the story would capture the reader’s attention. Frankie Robertson does a fantastic job of getting the readers attention early and not letting go until the end. She gives us just enough detail to keep us going but not so much that you just skim through parts.

Veiled Mirror is a story about family and love. The mayhem that accompanies it is a definite bonus. I would recommend Veiled Mirror if you like romantic suspense stories with a few plot twists and a friendly ghost to help things along.”

 * * * * *

NIGHT MOVES:  A Short Story Sampler


A sampler of horror and fantasy short stories.

“NIGHT RUN”–Have a little bite at a late night truck stop.

“ON A MIDSUMMER’S EVE”–Uninvited guests drive a Fey-marked woman to make a desperate choice. (Set in Alfheim in the Vinlanders’ Saga world.)

“A FRIEND IN DEED”–Two secretive U’dahmi hide in plain sight–until one of them needs the kind of help only a mortal can give.(Set in the Celestial Affairs universe.)

All of the stories stand on their own.



YETI IN THE MIST: A Victorian Secret Romance


Catherine Denton loves her ailing husband and is taken aback when he encourages her to take a lover. Reginald, formerly a colonel in the East India Company Army, wants his young wife to have what he cannot give her: children―and his titled brother, Cedric, has offered to oblige. However, her brother-in-law is not the man Catherine desires. The male who makes her pulse race is Reginald’s good friend Yolann, the Yeti who served with him in India―and who sleeps just down the hall.

Neither Catherine nor Yolann want to betray their loyalty to a man they love and respect. Neither can deny their desire.

This book contains scenes reflecting the physical expression of love. It is intended for adult readers.

WITH HEART TO HEAR: A Victorian Secret Romance


Elise Craft is a well-bred Victorian lady who prefers studying the flora and fauna of England to playing the social games of the ton. She’s convinced herself that’s enough–even though she secretly longs for a lover who will cherish her.

Against her family’s wishes she travels to a remote area to indulge her interests. There, she stumbles upon the border between everyday England and Faerie where she makes a surprising, and sensual, discovery.

This novelette contains sensual scenes of physical affection. It is intended for adult readers.


Combines a lush prose style with a sharp eye for characterization and detail. You will not be disappointed.
Jody Wallace, award winning author of “Field Trip” and “Cooley’s Panther”

A delicious tale, beautifully rendered and hotly sensual, set in a lushly romantic era long past, yet ever beckoning–as does the world of faerie. ~ Anita Gordon (Kathleen Kirkwood) author of THE VALIANT HEART and A SLIP IN TIME

 * * * * *

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  1. DeeAnn L. Stephens

    Enjoyed Dangerous Talents very much. It keeps your attention at full go the whole book. It has a well written plot with good follow-through, and just the right amount of details. I could do with a little less romantic physical detail myself. I loved, loved the book. I believe it is as good as many of Andrea Norton’s works. I am looking forward to reading more from Frankie Robertson. —-DeeAnn L. Stephens

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