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A Francesca Rose Sensual Romance at a Great Price

Yeti in the MistIn addition to my romantic fantasy and paranormal romance series I write the sensual Victorian Secret Romance series as Francesca Rose. (Some people have asked me why I used a different name for these books. I think once you read them, you’ll understand, but the short answer is because I didn’t want to mislead my fans into thinking that all of the Frankie Robertson books had the same level of sensuality.)

The idea of a romance with a Yeti came to me while I was on vacation. My writer brain started playing with the idea of how to create a story about a loving relationship with a big furry hero. Brainstorming over lunch with my husband, we designed an alternate Victorian world where Yetis live in a hidden Himalayan enclave, send diplomats to London, and sometimes serve in the East India Company Army. That conversation sparked the foundation for YETI IN THE MIST.

If you like a sensual and loving romance, I think you’ll enjoy YETI IN THE MIST. And right now you can enjoy this unusual romance for 67% off the regular price. Get your copy now and be sure to leave a review to let me know how you liked it. I look forward to hearing what you think!

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