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In the Gloaming

"Desert Twilight" by Bo Mackison, Seeded Earth Studio

“Desert Twilight” by Bo Mackison, Seeded Earth Studio

I’m torn. I love the fall here in the desert, when it finally gets cool enough to take a walk during the day. The bright sunshine always lifts my spirits.

But the twilight calls to me. Like many before me, I hear the whisper of other worlds across the veil when the light fails. Twilight isn’t frightening the way night can be. It offers magical possibilities without the threat. Taking a walk at twilight stimulates the imagination, especially when you walk somewhere away from traffic.

On a practical level, here in the desert, I do have to be aware of the possibility of encountering wildlife if I stray too far away from civilization. So I choose places to walk that are safe enough that I can let my mind wander to other, more magical lands, and let he people I meet there tell me their stories.

And then I tell those stories to you.

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