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A Fish-Out-of-Water

From an early age I enjoyed reading fish-out-of-water stories. Among my favorites are The Chronicles of Narnia by Lewis, Red Moon, Black Mountain by Chant, and Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series. Even McCaffrey’s Dragonflight was a fish-out-of-water story—and it had romance!

So when I started writing the Vinlanders’ Saga, it made sense that I would follow that path. At first I was just telling myself a story. Who were these men that rescued Celia from the desert? Why were they out there? What did they think of her? What misunderstandings might they have? As I answered those questions I realized they were the descendants of people who had, themselves, been transplanted into this strange new world.

In Dangerous Talents I followed Celia’s stumbles and mis-steps as she navigated the unknown, sometime creating the world just a few steps ahead of her. But as Robert Frost observed, “way leads on to way,” and as Celia explored, Alfheim was established. The landscape became solid and real.

I’m still discovering new things about Alfheim and developing the characters alluded to in previous books. Right now I’m refreshing what I know about the ancestors of the Tewakwe, because they’ll feature prominently in the next book. (I’ll share more about that in another newsletter.)

In the meantime, Dangerous Talents is Free for the next few days. As you probably know by now, I like to open the door to Alfheim once or twice a year, and make it easy for readers to discover the Vinlanders’ Saga. This is a great time for you to give it a try (if you haven’t already) or give it to a friend. Because, heck, it’s Free! And right now seems like a good time to escape into another world.

Stay safe, and happy reading!

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Yeti in the Mist is on sale!

For a limited time, this Victorian Secret Romance is available for only $.99!


Yeti in the MistCatherine Denton loves her ailing husband and is taken aback when he encourages her to take a lover. Reginald, formerly a colonel in the East India Company Army, wants his young wife to have what he cannot give her: children―and his titled brother, Cedric, has offered to oblige. However, her brother-in-law is not the man Catherine desires. The male who makes her pulse race is Reginald’s good friend Yolann, the Yeti who served with him in India―and who sleeps just down the hall.
Neither wants to betray their loyalty to a man they both respect and love. Neither can deny their desire.
Get your copy today before the price goes back up!


I also want to let you know that I’m about two thirds of the way through the 1st draft of FrankieRobertson_Lightbringer_200pxGUARDIAN, the sequel to LIGHTBRINGER in the Celestial Affairs series. I’m quite happy with the way it’s coming along, and I think you’ll like it just as much when you see the finished book!

Happy Reading!

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Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday!

I love Halloween. I love seeing the little kids dressed up in their costumes and handing out candy. When I was a kid and on the other side of the door, Halloween seemed like the opening act for my birthday. First the neighbors gave me yummy things, and the next day I got cake and presents. Such a deal!

To celebrate Halloween and my birthday this year, I’m putting two of my paranormal romances on sale at 75% off the regular price. LIGHTBRINGER and VEILED MIRROR will be only $0.99 from today through November 1st.

In LIGHTBRINGER, an exiled angel falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to be protecting from a demonic assassin. (4.2 Stars)

A ghost haunts her twin sister in VEILED MIRROR, demanding she solve her murder, regardless of the cost to her heart–or her life…(4.1 Stars)

So celebrate All Hallows Eve and my birthday with me, and enjoy a sweet deal at the same time!

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The Experiment Continues

Last week I tried using the Kindle Countdown deal for the first time with BBT500x800FORBIDDEN TALENTS. This week, you have the opportunity to get BETRAYED BY TRUST while it’s on sale. Starting today, BBT will be available at the discounted price of .99. But don’t delay, because it will gradually increase back to its normal price over the next five days. BETRAYED BY TRUST  is a paranormal romantic suspense with a “marriage of convenience” theme. It takes place mostly in San Diego in 1979, in the same Celestial Affairs universe as LIGHTBRINGER, but it stands alone.


If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can be among the first to hear about my new releases and get “behind the scenes” information. I don’t like spam either, so I’ll only be sending newsletters when I have actual news.


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I just found out that the Wild Rose Press will be offering all digital titles at 30% off today, Black Friday. That means you can buy VEILED MIRROR at a huge discount. Just put in the code from the front page banner at check out.


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