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Veiled Mirror is on sale!

Just a quick note to let you know that for a limited time,  VEILED MIRROR is available at 75% off the regular price.

Veiled Mirror


VEILED MIRROR is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel, but since it’s one of my stories, it has a touch of the paranormal in it. In this case an angry ghost wants to solve her murder.

When I first started planning this book, I set it in Victorian England, but I later changed it so it takes place in a fictional county in contemporary southeastern Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the weather in this part of the U.S., the arroyos really can fill up in just a few minutes during the monsoons (as described in one scene), and often sweep away unwary motorists. (It seems mad to people who live in wetter climes, but in the desert we have roads that go right through stream beds–some of them actually are the stream beds– because most of the time they’re dry.)

I hope you enjoy reading VEILED MIRROR as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you have a few minutes when you’ve finished, please consider  leaving a review to help other readers find a book they’ll like.

Happy Reading!


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A Cover for My Next Book!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently (or otherwise) for the sequel to LIGHTBRINGER, take heart: Gideon’s story is on its way! My cover designer, Jaycee DeLorenzo of Sweet N Spicy Designs has just created the cover for Book 2 CA.Guardian_600x900in the Celestial Affairs series. It will be about six months before GUARDIAN is available, but I love this cover so much that I didn’t want to wait to share it with you.

Remember, you can be among the first to find out about sales and new releases by signing up for my newsletter, and get a Free short story in the bargain! Just click on GET A FREE STORY in the Nav bar above.

Speaking of sales, VEILED MIRROR is on sale right now at 50% off the everyday price.


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Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday!

I love Halloween. I love seeing the little kids dressed up in their costumes and handing out candy. When I was a kid and on the other side of the door, Halloween seemed like the opening act for my birthday. First the neighbors gave me yummy things, and the next day I got cake and presents. Such a deal!

To celebrate Halloween and my birthday this year, I’m putting two of my paranormal romances on sale at 75% off the regular price. LIGHTBRINGER and VEILED MIRROR will be only $0.99 from today through November 1st.

In LIGHTBRINGER, an exiled angel falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to be protecting from a demonic assassin. (4.2 Stars)

A ghost haunts her twin sister in VEILED MIRROR, demanding she solve her murder, regardless of the cost to her heart–or her life…(4.1 Stars)

So celebrate All Hallows Eve and my birthday with me, and enjoy a sweet deal at the same time!

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600x900VMTo celebrate the re-release of VEILED MIRROR (and encourage reviews) I’m offering VEILED MIRROR for free for a limited time. VM has never been free before, and this may well be the only time.

While you’re here, sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to learn about new books and other exclusive info.


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600x900VMAfter being unavailable for a couple of months, VEILED MIRROR is for sale again on Amazon in digital format from Castle Rock Publishing. (Paper soon to follow.) I recently got the rights back and took the opportunity to update the cover (thanks to Jaycee DeLorenzo at Sweet and Spicy Designs) and do some minor revisions to make it even better.  I hope you enjoy it!

I love to hear from my readers. Let me know what you think of the new cover, and please leave a review on Amazon. It helps other readers find books they might enjoy. Thanks!

And remember to sign up for my newsletter so you can be the first to find out about  new releases.


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I’m Back!

I’ve been busy these last few months, and this fall will see a flurry of activity.

  • This month VEILED MIRROR will be re-released as a Castle Rock book with a new cover and some minor revisions.
  • Next month BETRAYED BY TRUST will debut. It takes place in the same universe as LIGHTBRINGER  in 1979. It’s not exactly a prequel, but you will get to see Gideon again.
  • I have the sequel, SEDUCED BY TRUST, outlined, and I already have a cover for it, but first–
  • I’ll be writing a novella set in the Vinlanders’ Saga universe. It’s working title is DEBTS and I already have a cover for it too.
  • After that, I promise to get to work on Gideon’s story, GUARDIAN.

Today I’m revealing a new cover for DANGEROUS TALENTS. I think Jaycee DeLorenzo of Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Designs has done a fabulous job. I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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How Much of You is in the Heroine/Hero?

Every writer gets this question in some form or other unless they keep their identity a secret. People want to know if you model the main characters in your books after yourself, or if you write romance, if the love interest is like your significant other. I think readers mostly assume there must be a high correlation, especially if you’ve done a good job of making the characters feel real.

The first time I was asked a version of this question was by my hairdresser. She’d just read VEILED MIRROR. “How much of you is in Beth?”

I tried using a great answer I’d once heard another author use: “There are elements of me in every character I write.” Apparently that answer works better with an impersonal audience than it does with someone who knows you pretty well. She just gave me the eyeball that demanded a straight answer. My hair was at her mercy so I complied.

Actually, my original answer was pretty close to the truth, as it would be for most writers I know, and readers should be very glad of it. It’s much better to think that some of the great villains of literature were developed from tiny elements of an author’s psyche, rather than being an accurate depiction of a significant part of our personalities. Who wants Hannibal Lector living next door?

As for heroes and heroines, some authors have a fairly consistent type, that makes it seem they’re writing about themselves. However, most writers work hard to make each character distinct and believable. That variety gives us the chance to explore situations we’d never want to be in, and do things we’d never do in real life. Sometimes the exploration is wish fulfillment. More often it’s just the author trying to craft a compelling and entertaining story.

So what did I tell my hairdresser?  Pieces of Beth are me. As are pieces of Ellie. But mostly I created them for that story. OTOH, since DANGEROUS TALENTS started out as an experiment, Celia is probably more like me at the time the book was written than any of my other heroines are.

My heroes? Well, half of them are inspired by my husband. And the other half I just made up. 🙂



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Covers: Know What You Want, and Ask For It

I enjoyed producing LIGHTBRINGER so much that I decided to go ahead and bring out one of my earlier works as a single. I’ll be releasing WITH HEART TO HEAR soon, just in time for the holidays. It’s an erotic beauty and the beast novlette, set in the late Victorian era.

Seeing a cover take shape is exciting for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, a cover is often the first experience a reader has of your story, so it should give them a clear idea of what your book is about. It doesn’t have to reflect every element, but it shouldn’t mislead them. It should appeal to your audience and make them want to click on it to find out more. (You do know who your audience is, don’t you?)

Rae Monet did this cover for me (as well as the one for VEILED MIRROR). Kim Killion did the cover for LIGHTBRINGER. What I learned from working with Rae and Kim is to be clear and specific in my requests. Artists are busy people and sometimes distracted by other demands. Creation of your cover is more likely to be quick and smooth when you take the time to be careful and specific in describing your vision to the artist.

Here’s what I think is important to designing a cover for online sales:

  • The quality: does your cover say “professional”? Does it promise that the story is carefully written and edited?
  • The feel: does the cover reflect the kind of story it is?
  • A clear focal point: does your eye know where to rest?
  • Readable fonts for title and author name when the cover is a small size.

Keep in mind that your artist is a business person. Her time is valuable. At the same time, you have a right to get what you want. Listen to the artist’s advice but make your own decisions. Keep asking for what you want, and express your ideas clearly and courteously. Don’t change your mind half-way through unless you’re willing to pay extra for the artist’s time.


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I just found out that the Wild Rose Press will be offering all digital titles at 30% off today, Black Friday. That means you can buy VEILED MIRROR at a huge discount. Just put in the code from the front page banner at check out.


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“You really should go to the hospital and get checked out, Mrs. Pontifore.”  The paramedic unwrapped the blood pressure cuff from her arm.  The rain had stopped, leaving the hot summer air thick with humidity.

Beth shook her head.  Or tried to.  She still had a cervical collar wrapped around her neck.  She couldn’t go to the emergency room.  They’d find out she wasn’t pregnant, that she’d never been pregnant.  And then they would question who she was.  She didn’t trust doctor-patient confidentiality enough to keep that secret.  “No.  Thank you, but no.  I’d rather see my own doctor.”

The paramedic frowned.  “All right then.  I’ll need you to sign this release, saying you refused transport.”

Beth signed the proffered form.

“You really ought to go to the hospital, Ellie.”

Beth looked up to see the sheriff’s deputy – what was his name? – Toby, that was it – looming over her.

“I’m okay, Toby.  I just want to go home.”

“I’ll take you then, but I have to ask you some questions on the way.”

“Fine.  Whatever.”

She wanted to climb the hill with a harness; if she let them strap her into that basket they might just carry her off to the emergency room regardless of what she said.  But the paramedics insisted on hauling her up in the rigid frame stretcher before they let her go.  It bothered her to hear the men grunting with effort on her behalf, but they weren’t going to let her aggravate a possible spinal injury while she was still in their care.

The paramedic paused before unstrapping her.  “You sure you won’t let us take you to the hospital?”

Beth beat back a little surge of panic.  “I’m sure.”

The man shrugged and set her free.

Toby helped her into his SUV.  Her muscles groaned as she eased into the front seat.  “I’m going to be sore tomorrow, I can tell.”

“Yep.  That seat belt is going to leave one hell of a bruise,”  Toby agreed.  “But it’s a good thing you had it on.  I’m glad you finally started wearing one,” he added more gently.

Apparently Ell’s dislike of restraints was common knowledge.  Beth nearly choked on her anger.  Why couldn’t she have fastened her damn seat belt?  She’d known better.  Their mom hadn’t worn one either, but that hadn’t mattered to Ell.  She’d never liked the feeling of being confined.

Somehow Beth managed to answer, “Well, I have more than just myself to think about now.”

Toby nodded, apparently convinced.  He pulled carefully onto the dirt road.  After a minute he cleared his throat.  “I’m real sorry about Beth, Ellie.”

Beth swallowed hard and shivered.  It felt creepy accepting condolences for her own death.  For a second she wanted to shout, I’m not dead!  I’m alive!  It’s Ellie who’s dead.  Ellie is gone and I’m all alone!

Read more . . .

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