A few readers have commented over the years that they loved DANGEROUS TALENTS but not the cover. One thought the DangerousTalents2_600x900woman looked like a bimbo, another observed that it looked like a woman who had inherited a castle saying, “Boy, I really need to get the landscapers out here.” After I enjoyed a good chuckle I decided he was right, and since DANGEROUS TALENTS isn’t about a real housewife doing the landscaper, er, landscaping, a new cover was in order.

My cover designer, Jaycee DeLorenzo  rose to the challenge and created a new cover for DANGEROUS TALENTS. I love it! I think it conveys the idea of a modern woman about to embark on a journey to another world better than the last cover did. That’s what covers are for, after all, to give potential readers, in a split second, an idea of what a book is about and pique their curiosity.

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you think the new cover will make potential readers want to take a closer look?


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Thanks for reading!

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One response to “New Cover for DANGEROUS TALENTS

  1. New cover looks wonderful!! Shared it on FB. Everything JL has done for you has turned out beautiful (makes mental note re: novelette series in progress).

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