What’s New?

I hope that those of you in Arizona managed to attend The Tucson Festival of Books last weekend. I had so much fun. I learned some stuff unrelated to writing, connected with many acquaintances, and rocked to a free concert by the Rockbottom Remainders (which includes musical authors like Amy Tan and Scott Turow).

Marginally related to all that fun, I hurt my foot, but it’s almost better. Now I just have to get over the cold that my generous husband shared with me. Does that ever happen in romance novels? Maybe that’s why the H/h in all the Hallmark movies don’t kiss until just before the credits roll…

I’ve finished the first draft of a new Vinlanders’ Saga novella, DARK WINTER’S NIGHT. It still needs revision and editing, but you’ll see it this summer, probably. Then I’ll be back to work on APOSTATE, book three in the Celestial Affairs series. That’s the plan anyway. My plans tend to be rather fluid. Three months ago, DWN wasn’t on my radar.

If you haven’t yet entered the Prizes for Readers raffle, what are you waiting for? You could win a $100 gift card.

Happy reading!


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  1. Squee! for the new Vinlander’s book. I can’t wait.

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